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How to retain your kitchen knives sharper
A kitchen knife is not a conventional kitchen gadget. It is your right hand in the kitchen and helps you in cooking to make likely meals. You must treat it with the extreme caution. It is a brittle piece of utensils that can be clung, thumped and dented with the minor neglection. Treat its blade correctly and don not let it turn dull as a dull knife is actually more dangerous.
Precautionary measurements
There are certain precautions which you should take while working with this frail utensil.
• Keep your knives in a knife will protect its blade. If you let your knife open in the utensil drawer its blade will be easily scratched and spoilt.
• You should always rinse your knives by hand. Don not use dishwasher as it may be easy, but its blades can be pinged during the wash cycle.
• Don not cut on your countertop as marble or any other solid surface is too hard for can damage the blade. Always use wood cutting boards for cutting and chopping.
• Don not leave your knives in the kitchen sink openly as it is not only dangerous for you but its blade can be scratched and broke. After finishing your work clean it and keep in a safe place.
• Wet knives can be rusted in the open air resulting in a dull blade. Dry it immediately after washing with a soft cloth and don not let it dry in the dish rack.
• Periodically lubricate it by applying small amount of lubricant to the working parts of the knife. This will help to prevent it from surface oxidation and corrosion from moisture.
Cleaning instructions
• Clean the whole knife regularly, including blade, pivot points and locking mechanism. Clean it without dipping into liquid. Dry thoroughly after cleaning, then oil blade and moving parts. Regular cleaning will take care of sticky residue and light surface oxidation or beginning rust formation commonly found on knives.
• Poor care resulted in dark stains.
Oil performs a good job of cleaning the blade when rubbing with the cloth it takes off light rust and leaves a light coat of protection on the blade. Water is generally used to clean the oil off. Wipe the knife down with a silicone cloth as the last step as it leaves a level of protection on the blade.
• Chemical solvents such as Acetone, nail polish remover, alcohol or paint thinner may be used also to clean your blade. Use care with these solvents, as some fluid may damage some knife handles. Avoid harsh detergents that contain Chlorine it can accelerate corrosion of the blade steel.
• Avoid continued dipping in liquids. This can have a damaging effect on not only the metal parts, but handles made of wood or other porous materials as well.
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