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7 house clean tips to follow with Enjo

Here are few home cleaning tips that you must follow to keep every corner of your house clean and dirt free.
The stove
Start from the kitchen, as it is the dirtiest part of the house. When in the kitchen, go for the stoves. Start cleaning it from the right side and with clockwise movement wipe the dust and grease around dip pans and knobs with a soapy cloth.
The sink
It is hard to believe, but your dirty sink has more bacteria than a toilet seat. It is necessary to sanitize it. Clean with a soapy wet cloth and then spray a mist of vinegar solution to disinfect the bacteria. If you are looking a cleaning cloth that is durable and convenient, then use ENJO fiber. ENJO fiber lasts up to 3 years. It contains no harmful chemicals — a healthy and environment friendly option for your house.
The oven
Every woman loves her oven. Keep the heart of the kitchen clean through ENJO fiber. Use the fiber to clean the base of the oven. You must clean the oven twice a week for healthy cooking. Use ENJO discount coupons and promo codes to get discounts on ENJO products. You can get these coupons at
Sterilize the disposal
The disposal pipe and opening is as much part of the kitchen as the stove and oven are. To sterilize and get rid of the odor, put a half cut lemon, ice cubes and salt in the opening. The lemon will deodorize the smell and salt and ice will clean away the residue.
The walls and floors
Use ENJO microfiber cloth to clean and sanitize walls, floor, windows, and counters. These clothes are reusable and cheap products. Use ENJO discount coupons to avail special offers.
To clean dishes
It is suggested to soak the used dishes in warm soapy for some time before cleaning them off. This will help you to get rid of the tough stains easily. Fill your sink with soapy water and place the dishes in it while having dinner. Wipe of the stains from the stove as soon as possible. The sooner is, the better. Don’t let the stains stick to the surface.
The sponge
We all know the bacteria easily settle on the sponge and it becomes a breeding ground for it. Disinfect every night your sponge by squeezing it out and microwaving it for one minute. When the sponge is smelly and shredding, change it.
For more information, visit enjo . With ENJO, say good bye to sticky, smelly and slow chemical cleaners and welcome patent, quick and fresh home cleaner products.

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ENJO Australia is a social selling company creating flexible business opportunities for savvy women and a healthier way to clean. ENJO market leading range of planet friendly cleaning products is available exclusively through ENJO online shop, as well as our one-on-one consultations and in home ENJO Demos presented by our ENJO pruners.
Harnessing the natural cleaning power of microfiber technology and water, ENJO clever cleaning fibers from Austria have been awarded the title of Australian Women Weekly Product of the Year. We have also been praised by The Sunday Times, Australian House and Garden and Women day for bringing a quick and easy solution to healthy cleaning and balance to the modern woman life with our social selling business mode.
ENJO provides floor care, kitchen care, bathroom care, skin care, living care, car care and much more.
When and who founded ENJO?
ENJO was established by Barb de Corti in 1990. They offer the revolutionary modes of cleaning to all world. They introduce the new and absolutely unique cleaning services. She wants to supply the best ever services to all clients and facilitate her family with all latest and modern lifestyle which they deserve. She knew the traditional business sense was not enough to meet the requirements of the family so she decided to do some innovations in the cleaning procedure so that the customers can get maximum benefits.
Introduction about ENJO !
ENJO is the best and biggest leading online store which offer their services across Australia. They are the best service provider and award winner in Austria. They supply the flexible business opportunities for all women and healthy way to clean. They believe all the cleaning is done under specific techniques and equipment so that all the customers can be satisfied with their services. ENJO Coupons also offer huge discount deals on all items so that they can enjoy the best ever services.

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Date: 2017-03-02

ENJO offers the best ever cleaning services to all clients. when I visited the I came to know that they provide the best ever services of all cleaning services for domestic and commercial purpose. As the purification of water is major problem so they supply all the solutions in gaining the best solutions.