Swimwear style tips for your MSC Seaview cruise vacation

As the summer is going on in a full speed, you should enjoy it to the fullest. Whether you choose a day at the beach, a weekend getaway to an inspirational national park or another city, or if you are doing a full-blown luxury vacation, it should always be done in style.

One part it going someplace nice, the other one is looking nice for the occasion. For the first part the MSC Cruises, Europe’s favorite cruise line, have taken a good care of by adding a brand new luxury mega-ship to their fleet. These are great news not just for this summer, but for the whole year, as this ship is promised to bring the endless summer or as MSC calls it – „the ship that follows the sun”. Here’s what it means!

MSC Cruises bringing Mediterranean hospitality to America

The MSC Cruises (Mediterranean Shipping Company) was founded in Naples, Italy and been run by the same family for decades. They are the 4th largest cruise line in the world and have made a plan to expand over the next few years. They are extending from Europe to North America, to create an even more buzz about the luxury cruises and the Mediterranean spirit in the world of travel.

The one thing everybody is the most excited about is the launch of MSC „Seaview”, the third of 13 planned mega-ships that the company will add to their fleet. Our luxury cruise vacations are about to get epic! The twinship „Seaside” that was debuted in Miami in December 2017 and the „Seaview” who had a launching ceremony in the middle of June 2018 is the biggest Italian built ships ever.

The endless summer on MSC Seaview cruise

If you’re already thinking to test out this luxury swimming castle, you’ll have to head to Europe this summer. The ship is set to circle the Mediterranean, making stops in Italian ports of Genoa, Messina, followed by Valletta in Malta, Barcelona in Spain and Marseilles in France.

When the sunny summer season will be over in Europe and the autumn will take over, the „Seaview” will make its way to Brazil for different routes along the sunny coastline there. As the ship is planned to sail between the continents and seasons twice a year, it’s will create the feeling of an endless summer, making any season great for a cruise vacation.
It’s hard to even imagine more elegant, romantic and fashion-savvy destinations in Europe than these.

So the second part of looking nice for your trip comes in right here. How to dress for your summer vacation on a cruise ship? Or more importantly, what would be the best swimwear for the beach days and lounging by the pool? Swimsale.com will perfectly help out on this one.

The best swimwear for this summer

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  • July 07, 2018