How People Celebrate February Days Around Globe

Are you excited for 14th Feb? As soon as the month of February is at the corner, retailers are observed being loaded with teddy bears, hearts, candies, stuffed animals, chocolates and everything which can spread love. In United States of America, it is more or like a tradition to stuff the shelves with chocolates & stuffed toys as a welcome sign. You will also find heart shaped candies or greeting cards specifically manufactured for this event around the globe. These are common actions which are considered to be something meant for declaration of affection. Numerous traditions are seen all around the world when this specific day comes near. Most of nations enjoy it with flowers, chocolates or love letters while other prefer to give a special holiday or national love for people. Here we have enlisted some of the popular countries along with their ways of celebrating this day.

South Korea in this Regard

There are various ways to celebrate this Day in South Korea whereas this is considered to be a famous holiday which begins in February while goes till March. For 14th of February, women are considered to gift their husbands with chocolates, flowers, cards & candies whereas for the next month, March 14th, males repeat this showering of gifts on their wives. The day is considered to be white day. Get now Walmart Promo Codes if you want to get cheap chocolates & candies. They are having limited time sale till mid of this month.

People in France

Known to be the one of most dreamy places on the planet earth, it possesses an amazing position & reputation in regards to 14th Feb day. Various people often plan to a trip to France for this kind of celebrations. There is a popular tradition of greeting cards in France and the entire world. There are other different ways of celebrating this event. There were some other events which proved to be so violent that the French government eventually banned the events of the following activities.

What People in Wales Do?

Welsh are seen to celebrate this day in entirely different manner. Rather than celebrating February, they celebrate 25th of January for spreading affection. For this traditional event of expressing love is considered for men to carve a love spoon for their wives in a special manner. It is curved in different expressions. These symbols which were carved out by men had various meanings such as horseshoes symbolizes good luck, wheels for support while keys which means, key to the heart of men. To make the environment lovelier you can try canopy air fresheners which are available in different range. Plus don’t forget to use canopy air coupon code which can help you to save up to 20% on your purchase

These were few ways of merriment around the world for this event on massive scale. But in a unique way. If you want to know about other countries or their ways of celebrating this day, do comment below. Moreover, you can also share your way of having fun this special day of care. We truly love your participation!

  • February 02, 2018