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Get inspired by Shark Week to discover Southeast Asia

With the annual Shark week coming up, it a great reminder of the beautiful nature and the adventures that it offers. In this case, specifically about adventures involving sharks and everything related to them.

A concept of the Shark Week

The shark week has become a popular hit year by year since being created in 1988. It’s a week-long TV programming series presented by the Discovery Channel. They allow the people worldwide to get to know the life of sharks better, while correcting different misconceptions about these animals.

The Shark Week allows people to follow along with the most chilling yet exciting adventures that a person could imagine. Starting from diving with cages into shark-infested waters or sometimes even without cages to doing a speed race with sharks to see who can swim faster - Olympic gold medal winner Michael Phelps vs a Great White shark. It’s entertaining and educational all at once.

These shows during the shark week attempts to answer such questions like why are the Great White sharks often spotted off of some of the world's most popular beaches. So the Shark Week researches attempted to discover why these sharks were suddenly appearing. But it’s not only about the TV program.

The Shark Week inspired travel

The Shark Week is becoming more and more popular and loved event across the world. Lots of travel and nature activities creatively involves around it. One of the most exciting ones might just be the Southwest Airlines rolling out five shark-themed Boeing 737s for Shark Week. How about taking an adventurous vacation somewhere exotic and flying part of the way in a shark-themed Boeing?

This is the third year already when the Southwest Airlines are doing the makeover to their flights, offering shark-themed designs on 5 of its aircrafts. Each aircraft will feature a different species of shark.

What’s even more exciting is the fact that everyone is able to track these “shark flights” on FlightAware’s website. All the other flights are marked with an airplane symbol, while the “shark flights” will be marked by a shark symbol.

The shark week has served as a great inspiration for many to get out there, travel to a new destination and go adventures. Whether it’s diving with sharks or something less intimidating, or hiking in the jungle, or even discovering hidden waterfalls, it’s all exciting. As per many travel industry leaders like Lonely Planet or National Geographic, the hottest region this year to do all that is Southeast Asia.

The best adventures in Southeast Asia

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  • July 07, 2018