5 Ideas to Throw Special Sunday Themed Parties

Quick & Easy Ideas to throw Perfect Special Sunday Parties

With a beginning of New Year, there is a list of events in line to be celebrated and one of them is Special Sunday. It is one of the largest events celebrated all over the world. The question is what exceptional you are planning to celebrate this day. For sure, you are planning a party at your place so why not a theme party this year? Let us help you to organize your theme for this occasion.

Firstly, decide who is going to attend your party. It is always recommended that if you are planning a theme party then try to invite one age group like either invite elderly, young adults or kids. It is beneficial because then you can plan other activities accordingly.

Decide a color of outfit & decoration as it always goes side by side. If you are planning Special Sunday parties then prefer these colors as Red, White, Purple, Yellow, Black, Orange, Pink, Blue, Rose, Silver, Gold, Green, Red Violet or Violet, Gray, Olive, Aqua. Whatever color is decided try to organize everything in that color like your decoration, invitation cards and your crockery should be in the same color.

Why a Theme Party??

Theme party is not only about color of outfit or decoration, you can also have a theme of wearing outfit which can signify the Special Sunday like you can dress up like bunny, you can have a theme of egg dress(tell everyone to wear something which has eggs printed on it) and same is for carrots. Keep your theme element in everything especially on your invitation cards, your party table (that can be printed, painted or you can use a stuffed toys.

As Special Sunday is an occasion of the spring season so you can have a theme of flowers. Request your guest to wear floral prints. You can represent a flower to your guest at the party doorstep. Decorate your party spot with flowers. Cut your invitation cards in shape of flowers. Keep your crockery of floral prints.

Try a one-dish theme party. Like you can ask your guest to bring one dish of their choice but make one ingredient compulsory like eggs, olives or meat. Or you can ask them to bring any dish but it should be baked or grilled so instead of ingredient make the cooking method specific. It is one of the economic ideas which most of you can afford.

You can come up with your ideas as well to throw parties. There are numerous stores which provide parties supplies within Special Sunday Discount Codes so that you can save a lot. This not only helps to have time with family & friends but to save for future as well.

Happy Special Sunday Party!

  • April 04, 2017